Anthony S

Plymouth, Mn

"I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Brad. My experiences at the Adjustment Club were terrific. Dr. Brad took a very thoughtful and customized approach to my care. I would highly recommend you visit him for any chiropractic needs you may have."

Adrianne A.

Maple Grove, Mn

"I was recently in a car accident and was referred to Dr. Brad by co-workers at the Veterinary clinic I work at. As a result of my accident I began to experience headaches, neck pain, and lower back pain. Upon seeing Dr. Brad I was not sure how to deal with my insurance company and had limited knowledge on how chiropractic care could benefit me. I was happy to learn that I did not have to deal with my insurance company because Dr. Brad took care of everything! He explained all of the treatment I was receiving and what I could expect throughout this process. I have been seeing him regularly for a few weeks now and my pain is drastically better. As a Veterinary Technician, my job requires lots of physical activity and my pain was limiting my ability to complete certain tasks throughout the day. I see improvements EVERY week and have 100% confidence that I made the right choice in choosing The Adjustment Club for my chiropractic care. I highly recommend anyone looking for a wonderful chiropractor to stop in!"

Iroquois L.

Hanover, Mn

"I moved back to MN from AZ about a year and a half ago and have been looking for referrals for a chiropractor here in the cities. My coworker told me about Dr. Griffore and I am so glad he did! I thought I liked my chiropractor in Phoenix, who focused mostly on the adjustments. But Dr. Griffore works with the muscles as well, loosening them up before performing the adjustments. I felt amazing just after the first visit! He focuses on getting you feeling better as soon as possible so you do not need to come in all the time. I highly recommend Dr. Griffore at the Adjustment Club to anyone and everyone!"

Amanda P.

Ramsey, Mn

"I have had the best of luck with seeing Dr. Brad! I am very active and outdoors, constantly on the go. During my pregnancy with my second child, chasing my kids, having a job where I constantly turn and lift, run and walk A LOT, he has helped me. I have had my fair share of new and old injuries. Dr. Brad has literally saved my body from a world of hurt and I couldn't be more greatful. He helped reduce my labor time, saved my shoulder, helped work on my ankle, and gives wonderful advice. It is a blessing to know there is an individual out there who cares about his patients. He is very respectable and an absolute natural at his career choice. Highly recommend him to any and all seeking care."

Kathy P.

Maple Grove, Mn

"I have seen several chiropractors in my life, and Dr Brad is by far my favorite one . He is gentle and professional, very friendly and easy to talk to. He is careful, and takes his time and doesn't rush through an adjustment. His rates are VERY reasonable. The clinic is always clean and tidy. I have never needed to make an appointment, I have always been able to just drop in anytime, be in and out in a timely manner. Not only did he not mind me bringing my kids along (one is a toddler and the other is 12) he seemed to like the kids. I know he promotes pediatric chiropractic care, and my children will see him if that need arises, I would trust him with my kids."

Courtney F.

Big Lake, Mn

"I am a very busy mom who works from home. It's been a long time since I've had an adjustment. I was able to get in same day for my first appointment, and have seen significant improvement in the last few weeks with regular adjustments."

Hans R.

Maple Grove, Mn

"I am a weekend warrior who sits at my desk during the work week. My back tends to get sore and requires an adjustment. This Adjustment Club is exactly what I need to keep me nimble and flexible. It feels so nice to leave there after having an adjustment. I highly recommend this establishment to everyone."

Aaron H.

Maple Grove, Mn

"Always quick, almost absurdly friendly, proficient, flexible with the scheduling, and I always leave feeling awesome. Since they added a massage boutique, I'm even more keen on continuing to go.

For me specifically, Dr. Brad has pretty much ended head aches I'd been having since childhood and is quickly doing away with some hip and back pain I've been experiencing lately. He's always got great advice and helps teach me things to do outside of my appointments to help remedy my problems.

I've been to other chiropractors in the area and The Adjustment Club is hands down my favorite."

Amanda P.

Maple Grove, Mn

"Today my 3 month old with torticollis, and I had our first treatment with Dr. Brad. I'm a first time Mom, and only relinquish care to the hands of the most competent and skilled in their field.
Tonight, we have marked relief/improvements present in the both of us!
Dr. Brad & Alyssa greeted us with a welcoming smile when we entered their office.
Dr. Brad was gentle, and playful in nature with my skeptical infant, who warmed to him quickly.
I appreciated the clear, descriptive explanations prior & during treatment of us both, followed by a realistic, and affordable ongoing therapy plan.
A cute play area for kids is located in the rear of this well kept clinic!
Dr. Brad's passion for his work, and expertise in his field is evident - and one can't argue the immediate results."

Tim C.

Plymouth, Mn

"The Adjustment Club is exactly the place I was looking for! Dr. Brad is doing all the right things in running his clinic. From an extremely friendly staff, to great facilities, to his passion for his practice and the well being of his patients, I cannot say enough good things. Being an athlete, Dr. Brad has helped me time and time again get back to feeling 100% and getting me back on the field quickly and feeling great. I have and will continue to be a recurring customer and would recommend Dr. Brad and the Adjustment Club to anyone!"

Matt C.

Minneapolis, Mn

"Dr. Brad has a great clinic setup, he's very easygoing and always friendly. I had NEVER been to a Chiropractor before him but he put me at great ease and answered all my questions. After a back injury, I had gone to a traditional doctor but unfortunately the pain killers and muscle relaxant medications did not actually solve my underlying problems. In comparison, Dr. Brad's services were able to relieve my immediate suffering and terrible pain. After a few adjustments with Dr. Brad, my back was feeling great and normal again. Now I go back occasionally for maintenance. Dr. Brad provided great stretches and helpful exercises to help me keep my back from getting re-injured. I highly recommend Dr. Brad's The Adjustment Club."

Coo V.

Maple Grove, Mn

"Never seen a chiropractor before. Went to see Dr. Griffore for stiff/tightness around my shoulders and upper back/neck area from years of sitting behind a computer for my job then spend countless hours behind a pc at home. I also noticed in the mirror that I started to slouch more and decided to do something about it. The first adjustment I've ever had was a huge relief. My muscles were tense and sore for a few days but I feel so much better. Brad is very knowledgeable and has shown me some stretching exercises to strengthen the problem areas. Highly recommend going to see him."

Brittany S.

Maple Grove, Mn

"My entire family (myself, husband, 2 year old and new born) goes to The Adjustment Club to see Dr. Brad. Both of my children can sometimes suffer with constipation, after bringing them in for their regular adjustments - they no longer have that issue. I've joked with Dr. Brad that he's going to need to start helping me buy diapers, they are so "regular" now. My husband and I have never felt better."

Janet M.

Maple Grove, Mn

"The Adjustment Club is very affordable and convenient. My job causes headaches and back pain and my weekly visits keep me going. Dr Brad is friendly and knowledgeable. Anyone needing a chiropractor would get good service here."

Joseph S.

Maple Grove, Mn

"This is by far the best place I have been to in Maple Grove. I like the flexibility of no appointments. I can go in anytime and I don't spend time waiting around in a waiting room. If I get busy or am too tired I can go in the next day without worrying about changing an appointment since you come when its convenient for you. It is less expensive than the other places around town but you still get good service and don't feel rushed."

Alyssa K.

Maple Grove, Mn

"I came to The Adjustment Club after being rear-ended in a car accident. As a result of my car accident I began to experience bad headaches and neck pain. Dr. Brad was so helpful and thorough. He and his staff took the time to make sure things were settled between my car insurance so I could start receiving the care that I needed. I saw Dr. Brad weekly for several months. I no longer have headaches or neck pain and I continue to see Dr. Brad for regular wellness visits. I would highly recommend Dr. Brad if you have been in a car accident."

Mathew C.

New Hope, Mn

"I love going to see Dr. Brad. He is very friendly yet professional and does a great job explaining everything. I have a desk job so I spend most of my days sitting. This caused me to develop discomfort and stiffness in my upper back and neck. After seeing Dr. Brad, I feel great. I wish I had started to see him sooner. Thanks Dr. Brad!"

Shelly C.

Maple Grove, Mn

"Dr. Brad is a caring Chiropractor. Unlike most, he shows concern for all around health and how it affects your pain, not only in the clinic but suggests exercises at home. I have been treated for scoliosis by several chiropractors,physical therapists, even had multiple injection therapy without complete success for over 20 years now. His certified massage therapist Marilyn who is an excellent deep tissue masseuse suggested weekly massages to release my muscle pain & that in combo with chiropractic visits as needed (1-2 times per month), I am able to be off of daily pain medication! Marilyn's & Dr. Brad's combo therapy allows me to be almost pain free and they truly care about relieving your pain and treating you as if you are part of a family. With high insurance deductibles & copays nowadays, dr brad provides a monthly cost package that is way more cost efficient than what insurance can provide. Highly recommend you give massage & chiro combination a try."

Colin O.

Blaine, Mn

"Yesterday my allergies were at an all time high, I was very congested, and had a headache all day. I popped in to see Brad, he did a few adjustments, and put some pressure on my sinus'. Almost immediately my sinus' opened up. I woke up this morning feeling much better. I am amazed at how quickly everything turned around. Thank you Brad"

Tami P.

Maple Grove, Mn

"I would highly recommend Dr. Brad and The Adjustment Club to everyone. Dr. Brad is extremely knowledgeable and works to find cause and not just treat the symptom. I have seen him multiple times for injuries I've gotten and he's helped every time. Love the flexibility and ability to just walk-in if needed."

Jacob P.

Brooklyn Park, Mn

"I was t-bones at 50 mph and hurt my back and both my shoulders and Dr. Brad was very professional and very caring of my injuries and before this i never thought chiropractic care would ever help me and if i would of went somewhere else or not at all pretty sure i wouldnt be working cause i would be in so much pain so i would recommend anyone that is in a care accident or in pain to try a solid dose of care from Dr. Brad. If i wouldnt have done this care i dont think i would be moving very well and having two young children i really would like to play with them all the years of them growing up and i think this treatment will definitely help me accomplish this so thanks Dr. Brad for everything youve done and still doing for me"

Brian K.

Maple Grove, Mn

"I was very pleased with the results after seeing Dr Brad. I could tell a major difference from the very first visit. Along with my first appointment, I received specific stretches I could do at home to achieve the results I wanted. I feel 100% again after 2 visits and won't hesitate to go back for future adjustments."

Ashley H.

Elk River, Mn

"Dr. Brad is great! Very knowledgeable in what he does! He's wonderful with my 10 1/2 month old son. My son has had numerous double ear infections back to back ever since he started seeing Dr. Brad he hasn't had another one! My sons doctor wanted him seen by a E.N.T. and I said I want him to continue with Dr. Brad before I bring him to the ENT. I'm very very happy I continued to see Dr. Brad. As of today he has yet to have another one. My son is now on a wellness plan and is very affordable. I would recommend him to anybody that is having any kind of pain young or old! Thank you Dr. Brad!"

Noah L.

Maple Grove

"My name is Noah Luecke and I was a gymnast for about 7 years, and then I started to get some back pain. I went through all kinds of tests and scans, but every doctor that I went to said that they couldn't find the source of my pain. After about 2 years of getting tested for all different kinds of back issues and still finding nothing, I decided to try the adjustment club. with my first consultation, Dr. Brad knew what was wrong with my back, and after my first treatment I had immediate relief. I went to several treatments after that and now I am pain free and happier than ever."

Brad E.

Maple Grove, Mn

"If you want to avoid the insurance hassle, get prompt service and most of all excellent treatment go see Dr. Brad. He is great at his trade and I would recommend him to anyone!"

Kelsie L.


"Dr. Brad is amazing! I am a nurse and have struggled with chronic neck and back pain for years, but finally have relief after seeing Dr. Brad. Just after a few visits my pain is 90% better! He very kind and knowledgeable, and I love that he does not pressure patients to pre-schedule appointments. Wish I would have found him years ago!"

Deborah L.

"Great staff! Very pleased with the adjustment."

Anita M.

Maple Grove, Mn

"I have been to many Chiropractors and Dr. Brad has been the most helpful. Not only did he eliminate my pain but he also helped me understand exactly what was happening. Great experience and I would recommend him to anyone seeking relief and understanding!"

Anna T.

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"Dr. Brad is great! I recommend 100%!"

Mike S.

Maple Grove, Mn

"My low back gets really sore and tight on a pretty regular basis and Dr. Brad has really helped. The amount I drive for work doesn't work well with a sore back and don't garage to worry about it anymore. I really like that he offers heat therapy and stim for the days when my back is really tight end stiff."

Abby P.

Brooklyn Park, Mn

"Dr. Brad is great! I was referred to Dr. Brad by a friend after having migraines, and after seeing Dr. Brad my migraines have faded away!! I will refer everyone I know to Dr Brad, he's friendly, affordable and very convenient!"

Sarah G.

Mound, Mn

"I had back pain for weeks and decided to go to the Adjustment Club. Dr. Brad was professional, friendly, and took the time to explain everything to me and answer any questions I had. Thanks to him my back pain was relieved within just a few visits. Highly recommend The Adjustment Club!"

Ron R.

Maple Grove, Mn

"Joined The Adjustment Club the first day they were open and have been with them ever since.. Perfect for what I was looking for.. No insurance issues or pain in the butt paperwork. Convenient and available to fit my schedule. Have been plagued with neck and back issues after a couple of Jet Ski and Snowmobile accidents. Dr. Brad understands whats going on and keeps me going... Dr. Brad is easy to talk with and understands that everyone is different, his style of care is flexible to fit everyones needs"

Dirk D.

Maple Grove, Mn

"I was referred to Dr. Brad when I was eating out and the waitress saw that I was in pain after hurting my back. I went in to see Dr. Brad for my free consultation and am well on my way to recovery. Looking forward to continuing with the Adjustment Club and taking advantage of their Family Wellness Plan. Personable, knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating, and just an all around great guy who really wants to make me the best healthy person I can be. Thank you Dr. B!"

Melissa Z.

Hopkins, Mn

I was able to be seen the very next day and I appreciate the personnel care Dr. Brad gave me to alleviate my pain in a matter of days.

Becky P.

Maple Grove, Mn

"I love Dr. Brad and being a member of the Adjustment Club. I have suffered back pain on my left side for the last two years. After becoming a member my pain is gone. I will not miss my weekly appointment. Very affordable for the treatment I receive from Dr. Brad. I would highly recommend becoming a member of the Adjustment Club."

Steve C.

Maple Grove, Mn

"Thank you Dr. Brad & Laura for taking care of my family today and making my wife feel a lot better. We will all be back for more great adjustments and friendly service. I would recommend a visit to the club!!!!"

Patty M.

Maple Grove, Mn

"Dr. Brad offers very affordable adjustments to keep me going. I love getting an adjustment when it is convenient to me and the Adjustment Club in Maple Grove is so close. Easy, friendly and so helpful. Love it."

Robin G.

Maple Grove, Mn

"I joined the Adjustment Club on Sept. 15th and could not be happier. The staff is ever so friendly, professional and knowledgeable, the facility is first rate. I love the walk in service and have never had to wait to be treated. I wish I could take them with me to AZ for the winter!"

Ryan M.

Maple Grove, Mn

"Visited The adjustment Club today for a free consultation. They were very knowledgeable and explained to me in excellent detail the causes and reasons for even the smallest of pains and soreness. I learned so much, and will definitely be returning. Thanks a lot."

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